Catching The Killer In Our Home

Does your gut tell you something is wrong? Don’t ignore the signs. Protect your family from this monster and contact us at We can help!

The following article is a great reminder of how mold in your home can effect the well being of you and your family..

Catching The Killer In Our Home

2016-05-31-1464722056-4664931-IMG_9309-thumbLooking back now, I should have realized what was happening sooner. I should have saved my family, saved my two beautiful little girls, from it way sooner. But who ever thinks their happy home could be the cause of such pain and suffering?…read more

Orlando Mold Remediation and Mold Testing

The mold remediation industry is mostly unregulated field. Recently, the State of Florida passed licensing for anyone performing mold inspections, testing or remediation. This has set some standards for the remediation companies performing mold abatement. While, this is a good first step, there are no government set standards or procedures in dealing with mold removal. The EPA has a set of guidelines detailing mold remediation work in schools and commercial buildings.

When choosing a mold remediation contractor, please do your homework. Ask the remediator what associations they belong to. See if they are certified through any mold-related organizations like the ACAC. This will ensure that the people performing your mold removal have a general knowledge of mold and mildew handling.

The best way to handle a mold issue is having a certified mold inspector to evaluate the project first and write a remediation protocol. This will help provide a checks and balance system to ensure that only the needed work is completed. The mold assessor will perform a moisture survey and will write a report stating the building materials requiring removal. The protocol will also dictate post remediation testing requirements, also referred to as clearance testing.

If you are in Orlando, FL or the Central Florida area and have experienced water damage or mold growth, contact Elite Mold Services for more information about your situation.

Mold Testing & Inspection Orlando Florida

Elite Mold Services, Inc. offers mold testing and inspection services for the Orlando Florida and Central Florida area. We determine if black mold exists inside homes and buildings. Our certified mold inspectors perform moisture inspections and testing to determine if a mold issue may be hiding inside your property. We use special moisture detecting equipment such as: radio-wave moisture metersRadio-wave moisture meter

hygrometers (measures temperature and relative humidity)Hygrometer

and thermal imaging cameras (Infrared)

Thermal imaging IR photo

If you are having mold smells, have experienced previous floods or water leaks, or are having unexplained illnesses, please give Elite Mold Services a call to schedule your in home consultation today.