State Of The Art Inspection Equipment

Radio-wave (RF) moisture meters

We implement the latest moisture detecting devices to help located and identify hidden moisture inside the house. Since moisture is the only factor to mold growth that can be controlled, a moisture intrusion inspection is the first step in identifying hidden mold problems. Our non-destructive moisture meters are able to identify a moisture problem up to 3" behind a wall surface.

Pin-type moisture meter

The "destructive" moisture meter has 2 pin electrodes on the top of unit in order to confirm an elevated moisture reading with the radio-wave moisture meter. These pins will be placed into the material and a digital reading of the percent of moisture will show on the screen. This can be helpful to determine the moisture content of some building material to see if enough moisture is present for mold to develop.

Boroscope Camera

The special boroscope camera is used to help see in areas that would normally be inaccessible. The HVAC system ductwork is able to be better inspected due to the use of this camera. Other uses include; behind the walls (with a small hole drilled for access), behind appliances, on the sides & back of air handlers, under kitchen cabinets, etc.

Fluke temperature & hygrometer

The hygrometer is a helpful tool that we implement on our IAQ investigations to determine temperature, humidity (RH%) & the dew point of the interior of the house. Elevated humidity can cause surface mold and other microbial problems in a structure and should be kept between 30-55% to help limit growth.

EMS Equipment

Radio-wave moisture meters - Non-destructive
Pin-type moisture meters - Destructive
Thermal Imaging Camera
Boroscope camera
Infrared laser thermometers
Carbon dioxide detector (CO2)
Carbon monoxide detector (CO)
Ultra-violet (UV) light
Fluke temperature & hygrometer
State of the art laptops
Digital Camera